• Dave Willan

Dave Willan's Tips on Starting Writing

Starting to write is never easy for most. There is so many things to consider. Do you know your topic? Do you have an outline already made? Is the subject clear?

The biggest piece of advice I have for those starting to write is the following:

Know your subject. Have a clear topic. Don't make an outline right away. Go on a walk. Don't listen to music while you're on the walk and don't bring anyone with you. Just have an open meditation of sorts. Practice mindfulness and be in the moment. When a thought comes to you on your writing piece, made an audio note of it on your phone. There are several great cell phone apps for this.

When returning home, take the notes and make an outline from this. Sure, this doesn't get you anywhere near to the final product. But its a start. Also, you got some exercise while doing it!

I cannot stress this enough. Walks spur creativity. Go on one!

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